More Operators at the 2012 AMSAT Symposium

N9IP/Steve and I meeting.  Steve is an all-around nice guy and good operator.  I like his cadence for giving his callsign on the birds… Slow and steady win the race.

Here are some real outlaws.  KO4MA/Drew, CO6CBF/Hector, W5PFG/Yours Truly, and K8YSE/John.  Thank you, John, for he big smiles.

WD4ASW/Barry, president of AMSAT, and I.

WD9EWK/Patrick, AC0RA/Wyatt, N5ZNL/Rick & XYL at the banquet.

N3YKF/Norm and CO6CBF/Hector posing with the FOX-1 prototype.

Just be warned if you come to the AMSAT Symposium, expect to me some real weirdos.  Take that from one who knows one.

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