It Costs Money to Build Me, Test Me, and Fly Me

Hello.  I am a future amateur radio satellite.  To be precise, I am a a protype for the AMSAT FOX-1 series of satellites.  In case you didn’t know, my materials weren’t free.  The people who build me volunteer their time and energy to build me.  Then, before I can go into space I will need to be tested, transported, and configured for my launch spacecraft.  Finally, before I get into space I need “a ticket to ride.”  It costs money, even for a “free” launch.  So, if you think you might want to use me, send a few bucks over to the boys and girls at AMSAT.  Even if you don’t agree with their politics, you don’t like the color of their logo, or you are a closet spacenut, support the bird.  Don’t be another freeloading LID. 

Yours Truly,
A future satellite you might want to use.

Don’t be yet another freeloading, cheapskate ham — Support FOX & other future satellites in development.

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