My Dad’s AO-51 Videos

Everyone and their brother has a video of “satellite operation” on YouTube.  A quick search will result in many, many videos.  Many of those many videos are poor examples of how to make a contact.  Many of them make ham radio operators look like dorks.  (Imagine that?)

Not everyone has a video of their own father working them on a satellite pass.  That’s where I’m lucky.  My dad, AC5DI, was fairly active on AO-51 when I was first getting back into satellites.

Bear in mind Dad went to the same cinematography school as most hams on YouTube.  It starts off real slow.  The contact between AC5DI and W5PFG doesn’t come until 4 minutes into the 4 minute, 11 second video.

Here Dad working me in another grid, DM83.  This one is out in West Texas and is somewhat considered “rare,” though John K8YSE has a good statement — “a rare one is one you need .”   Again this is a slow-starter but the audio is better because there’s no wind noise.

I’m probably one of the luckiest hams on the planet to have a dad who plays radio with me.

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