Surviving AMSAT Field Day 2013

Just as I predicted, and believe me it’s no super-physic power on my part, plenty of Field Day stations suffered from CHS on the satellites.

In case you don’t know what the CHS disorder is by it’s technical abbreviation:

Squat (may be substituted for less family-friendly words)

It’s not like Field Day is a big surprise to these people.  We know it’s coming weeks in advance.  Get out and practice.  Duh!

Honestly, looking at some pictures of Field Day satellite stations I often wonder if people over-think things and use too much antenna.  I’ve seen some large arrays reminiscent of the OSCAR HEO days.  Maybe that’s the problem.  People, if you think working our current LEO’s is like working HEO’s of the past — you’re dead wrong.  You need to move your antennas and compensate for Doppler MUCH more often.

Here is a perfectly good example of a modest field day station.  With this, you might be able to make a contact on SO-50.

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