New Shack Coming Together

Originally I planned to have the shack and tower complete by this summer.

The shack started out as a portable building we acquired as our property expanded.  We purchased a few acres next door that included two portable buildings and an old frame house.  One of the buildings wasn’t worth keeping, so we gave it away.  The house needed major repairs, so we demolished it.  However, the third structure – this portable building – was worth keeping.

Around Christmas 2012 I had it moved to its present location at the spot where the frame house stood.

We had it painted, some minor repairs done, and an 8×8 deck added.

Note that it has airconditioning, a major requirement for shacks in Texas.  This building is situated in the shade of two very large oak trees to the south.  This will keep it cool for most of the day. 

I’m waiting on the electric company to install a meter on my pole, then I can really get to work.

I do not anticipate being in full operation until August due to other family obligations.

I have several sections of tower for use but my first order of business is 30′ of Rohn 25 for the satellite array.

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