A lifetime of learning.

There’s a lot of ham satellite operating advice online.  My blog is merely a sounding board for thoughts.  Some folks have web pages, some blogs, some YouTube videos.  I’ve found text files, Power Points, sound clips,  and scanned print articles.  They were all relevant at some point in time.  Things change.  Technology changes.  People change.

We all have a lot to learn.  I try to learn things every day – spiritually, professionally, and socially.  How we deal with people — whether hams, co-workers, family members, etc., is important to a civil society.  Hams are just a small slice of society.  Satellite operators are even a smaller slice.  By and large the people I have gotten to know have been wonderful in AMSAT.  I’ve met many active operators, many old operators, and some people who probably should throw away their Arrows.

My point is this — take the time to study.  Study people.  Study technology.  Study methods.  Learn how to operate, strive to do better, and share with others.  Don’t draw a line in the sand and claim you know all their is to know.  I’ve been a ham 20 years.  There are hams who’ve only been licensed 5 years that no far more than I ever will.   I need to study and accept I have things to learn.  Might you?

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