My Observations from the 2013 AMSAT Symposium Post #2

1.    It was great to see so many operators in attendance.  I lost count of the total but here are just a few of the frequent North American stations heard on the birds: N5AFV, N5ZNL, AC0RA, CO6CBF/KF5YXV, KO4MA, WD9EWK K5OE/M0GOE, WA5KBH, KF5LOQ, N8RO, N0JY

2.    There were lots of great presentations.  I stayed awake for most!

3.    The forecast for future transponder-capable satellites (FM & SSB) looks bright.

4.    The banquet panel was outstanding and very well received by all.

5.    Houston knows how to put on a fun Symposium.  Kudos to the host committee!

6.    I was pleased to see some of the developments around licensing Cubesats in terms of experimental versus amateur licensing.

7.    We had an eclectic collection of amateurs in attendance – all with their own unique perspectives in building and/or operating satellites.    You could likely never assemble such a team outside of the AMSAT Symposium venue.

8.    There are many kind and generous individuals within AMSAT-NA who were supportive of one of our foreign visitors and in making his journey special.

9.    Only a few people fell asleep during my presentation.  None snored.

10.    Even Texas BBQ from Papa’s is better than Memphis B-B-Q.

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