With a little help…

After being active on the amateur satellites for several years, I can finally say this:

 “I’m fully automated!

What does that mean exactly?

Two things:

1. For the past several years I have turned and pointed antennas manually to track satellites in the sky.  I have manually adjusted by frequency on transmit or receive to compensate for Doppler shift.

2. With full automation, the only action I need to perform to talk on satellites is hit the PTT.  And to make matters even better — I utilize a footswitch.  I have my headset on and will tap my foot when I need to transmit.  Pretty lazy, huh?

It was a slow, long process.  I acquired a used G-5500 rotor.  I acquired a set of antennas I decided not to use.  Then I had problems (most recently) with my ARR preamp.  On top of all that, I had an operator error installing my crossboom and antennas positioned.  It made for an “upside down” elevation problem.  Now — it’s all fixed.

Thanks to the newest ham in the family KG5AGZ, I was able to take everything down yesterday, correct problems, and get the station fully operational.

I worked several passes last night.  This morning I was able to hold a 15 minute conversation on FO-29 doing nothing but tweaking the RIT a little to hear the other station better.

(the sound you hear is me  jumping up and down in excitement)

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