CQ South America on Satellite

The range of my satellite station in Texas allows me to work most FO-29 and AO-7 mode B passes to my LOS in the south.

Today on AO-7 mode B, I called CQ until I could no longer hear my own downlink at 0.1 degrees elevation.  This would clearly allow me to work stations in South America if they are in a mutual footprint.

My station location is in EM21hs – Texas, USA.   I should easily work stations to 7,500km or beyond.

If you are a South American satellite station, please email me at my callsign at ARRL.net and we can setup a schedule.  My email address is also listed on QRZ.com.

The above picture shows the footprint at 0.3 degrees elevation.  I could probably make a quick CW contact in the time between 0.5 and 0.1 degrees elevation.  It would be a very slim chance for contact!

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