Guatemala (TG9) on FO-29

For about a week now I have heard two stations in Guatemala trying to make contacts on FO-29.  AA5PK, AC0RA, W5PFG, and others have tried making contact several nights.

TG9ADQ and TG9ANF were calling CQ on about the same frequency last night.  Both stations are using omni antennas not designed for satellite use.  I am making an assumption that they might be using semi-duplex, too.
Wyatt, AC0RA, had been exchanging some emails with Mario ADQ and managed a contact with him.  I recorded the tail end of Wyatt’s exchange with ADQ.
Bear in mind on this recording you hear both stations and at times it is difficult to distinguish which station is calling “CQ” or saying “QSL.”  At one point I am talking over one of the stations trying to get the other to hear me.  It is not a practice I would do intentionally but was a casualty of them both being on the same frequency.
Another station decided to join in the fun and try to work them, so I disengaged.  I don’t think he had any more luck than I did since obviously my signal was equally as strong.   Our problem making contact was not getting into the satellite but rather the other stations hearing us via the satellite.
We’ll keep trying.  I do believe several stations are in contact with TG9ADQ via email and discussing antenna options.

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