New Grid Op: DM71

Last week, my family and I went camping in some of our favorite Texas locations – The Davis Mountains & Big Bend.  This far western area of Texas is not populated with many satellite operators.  As a matter of fact, there are none except for rover stations such as myself.

Normally we camp somewhere either side of the DM70/DM80 line near DM70wn or DM80bo.  It is not really close to DM71 but a few people had requested I travel there.  My wife saw this opportunity to photograph a new area and so she agreed to go along.
Here are a few photos from my operation of FO-29 at DM71.  I was just south of Interstate 10 and Kent, Texas.
Looking south on TX-166.

It was an 80 degree elevation pass.

Yes, I am wearing my infamous “Top 10” Satellite Operator shirt.

Have I ever mentioned I like operating from rare grids?  It is truly better to give than to receive.
The coolest contact was to the XYL of XE1AO.  It was my first contact with a Mexican female satellite operator.

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