International Space Station (ISS) Slow Scan Television (SSTV) Reception 6-Sep-2014

Today I decided I would capture the two best morning passes of the ISS over my home and record the transmissions using my FUNcube Dongle Pro+.

You can see from the screenshot below that I was receiving the ISS SSTV and packet simultaneously.

For antenna I used a 7 element 2m yagi (horizontal polarization) on an azimuth and elevation rotor system.  My computer running SatPC32 software controlled the antenna positioning.

The transmissions were recorded by HDSDR and played into MMSSTV using Virtual Audio Cables.

From the 12:12 UTC pass (max 20 degree elevation):

From the 13:43 UTC pass (max 27 degree elevation):

It is likely I would have captured two images on the first pass except I was slicing time between listening to FO-29 and the ISS.
I thank the entire ARISS team and all those involved in getting SSTV back up and running on the ISS.  It has been a very fun morning for me.

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