73 on 73 Award Update

We’re a little over a week into N8HM’s 73 on 73 challenge.

I have not made as many contacts as I’d like. I’m sitting at 14 unique contacts/callsigns. I’ve heard about 4 more than I have been able to work, mostly due to the other stations not being very efficient operators on AO-73 and also because I have been playing with SDR.

This is an example of two stations I need to work but usually don’t appear until bird is almost into the sun at night, right before the transponder switches to high-power beacon mode.

VA7MM and VE5SWL recording below.  Be warned there is an annoying, high pitched noise.  That is actually another QSO adjacent to these two Canadians.  The other QSO was in progress already when the Canadians showed up calling CQ very close!


SWL has been on CW, but doesn’t seem to be hearing me at lower elevations (his.)

Admittedly I would have more stations if I was working the weekend daytime passes.  But I have a life.  I can’t live on the radio.  I wouldn’t I even if I had the time.

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