W5PFG and W5CBF operate from Texas’ Big Bend Region

You might have heard that I like to travel and work satellites from different grid squares.  One of my favorite areas to visit is Texas’ Big Bend region.  It is along the Rio Grande River south of Alpine, Texas.  Most of the Big Bend is either in Presidio or Brewster counties,

Last week, Hector CO6CBF/W5CBF operated with me in this area on our camping trip.

“Dueling Arrows” on a small ridge near our campsite in Lajitas, Texas DL89:

W5CBF operating an FO-29 pass from the Upper Madera Canyon Primitive Camping Area, part of Big Bend Ranch State Park. TX Farm-to-Market Rd 170, Grid DL89

Yours truly, W5PFG operating the same pass.  Yes, we worked each other.

W5CBF working SO-50 from the “Hoodoos” trail and rest stop along TX FM-170 in the Big Bend Ranch State Park:

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