My thoughts about Logbook of the World

First, a short story:  I know this one guy who railed and ranted against Logbook of the World for a period of time.  He had nothing but choice words for the system.  I’m glad he has come around and is encouraging people to use it.  People can change their attitude and reflect positively on things when they choose to do so.

For every contact I make and log in the shack, I upload the QSO to ARRL’s Logbook of the World (LoTW) system.   In today’s instant-gratification world, this is the fastest way to get a validated QSL eligible for ARRL Award purposes.   You can have a confirmed contact within minutes if the LoTW is playing nice and not bogged down from a contest weekend.

I like paper cards.  It is fun.  It is traditional.  QSL cards are something real you can hold in your hand.  For generations QSL cards have been a staple item in almost every amateur operator’s shack. That being said, I have two QSL cards in my repertoire.  One card I use exclusively to QSL contacts made from home.  The other card is designed for my rover/portable operations.

For a long while, I was being very diligent in uploading all my portable operations to Logbook of the World.  Then I got lazy and quit.  Lately I have noticed some new operators are moving around and confirming grids via LoTW.  WN8QGV and KG5CCI are two good examples.  Even some more seasoned ops such as N8RO are uploading their rover contacts to LoTW.  Very cool.

This has gotten me to re-think my laziness and start uploading all my portable contacts to LoTW.  You never know when someone will come around and want a QSL electronically.  If they upload the correct QSO details, Viola!  – they have a confirmed contact with my rover/portable station.

If you have a contact with me that is not being validated with a QSL in Logbook of the World, email me.  I will gladly look into the situation and rectify it if possible.  Unfortunately if I cannot find evidence of our contact in my log or audio recordings, that means we need to try for another contact.

I highly encourage you to consider uploading your contacts from both shack and rover/portable operations to Logbook of the World.  It’s fun.  Cards aren’t so bad, either…Keep sendin’ em.

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