International Space Station (ISS) Slow Scan Television (SSTV) Reception 20-Dec-2014

Yesterday was a busy day for my household.  We were having 20+ folks out for dinner at our house.  However, I didn’t capture any ISS SSTV-transmitted images on the 18th and decided I wanted to get some out of the transmissions the 20th.

I used the schedule feature of HDSDR to setup AF+RF recordings using my FUNcube Dongle Pro+ as a receiver.

It was important to set the correct Local Oscillator Frequency (I used 145.750) and the Tune Frequency (145.800) as well as start/stop times.

Next, SatPC32 had to be set to rotate my antennas (R+ setting.)  The ISS satellite needed to be selected (E) from my menu of sats (bottom right.)

It was also important that my keps were updated.  Note they were downloaded 12/20/2014 just to be sure I had the latest.

As a result of this configuration, here are the four images I received.  I received the first two on a pass near 18:46 and the second two on a pass near 20:20.

You don’t need to use fancy automated stuff to record these images yourself.  A small yagi, a handheld, and a digital recorder works fine!  You can then play back the recording into your PC’s microphone or soundcard and decode using MMSSTV.

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