DK3WN SatBlog posting about FM satellite operation

Mike, DK3WN, has an excellent blog posting about “FM transponder operating techniques” over at his DK3WN SatBlog.   It probably should be printed and posted on the wall of many satellite operators’ shacks.

Probably the single most important (and challenging) point he makes is about self-discipline.  Sometimes making a contact is not the best thing to do on a busy satellite pass when you have already worked all the stations previously!!!

Sure, it’s tempting to make contacts.  We step into our shack hoping to snag a new grid or a new station in the log and we want results!

I’m guilty of making contacts on an FM satellite pass when I probably shouldn’t.

This is a tricky issue.  I’m not the best operator in the world and I assure you that I will continue to make mistakes.  Just hopefully not the same ones daily.  We just need to be reminded sometimes that FM satellites are a precious resource.

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