Remote Satellite Station Operation at W5PFG

Recently, another satellite operator made some general statements (gossip) about how I could possibly be working Yuri, UT1FG/MM, while I am not always at home.  In my professional career, I travel around the states of Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico.  During this time, I am not physically able to sit in front of my transceiver and make satellite contacts.  It may therefore seem  that since I am not home, I cannot work stations in new grids for VUCC credit.  That is untrue.

This is 2015.  Remote station operating is alive and well.  Not only is being able to operate my station remotely perfectly legal, others have been doing it long before me.  There are at least three other amateur radio satellite operators in the United States who have such remote capabilities.  Some of those folks have shared ideas and lessons learned with me to improve my own station.  K8YSE wrote a detailed description of his /7 (Arizona) station for the AMSAT Journal.

DXpedition teams for years have use this method or similar so that they can get the rare entity in their own home logs. How else would the whole K1N team members get in the logs on all bands and all modes, even though some of them are on the island themselves?  (within the first couple of days, I might add) They may not be “remoting” to their home stations but someone is operating as their home station under direction of the licensee.

When I am operating remotely, I am utilizing my own equipment.  It is my transmitter, receiver, antennas, rotor, computer, etc., — all located at my home QTH in EM21hs.  Even if I am in Rome, Italy, I can make an SO-50 contact from my equipment to someone in N America.  The contact would be between my grid (EM21hs) and the other’s.

Since Captain Yuri began his 2015 voyage, I have been on many work trips, some international trips, and a week at spring break.  All the while, I was able to work Yuri as he made his journey from one wet grid square to the next.  This would not have been possible without a remote station.

This map represents the grids in which I’ve worked UT1FG/MM during his 2015 voyage as of April 18.

Thankfully we have modern technology that allows a traveling man such as myself the ability to operate my own station remotely.  I can enjoy amateur radio satellite operations from practically anywhere with an Internet connection.

Many of you know that I have given out grids from most, if not all, of the business travel destinations I’ve visited over the past four years.  I will continue to do so.  During the times that UT1FG/MM is out and about, I will operate less port-ably and focus more on collecting wet grid squares instead.  Once the Captain is out of range, I’ll go back to handing out some of the grids from which I’ve operated numerous times (some in DM8x, DM9x, EM0x/1x/2x.)

If you have questions about remote station operating, feel free to write me an email.  I am still working the kinks out of my station and trying to implement improvements.

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