My first experiences with AMSAT AO-85 Fox-1A on October 9 & 10, 2015

AMSAT successfully activated the mode U/V FM transponder on their new AO-85 (Fox-1A) satellite sometime early on October 9, 2015.

At approximately 1005 UTC on October 9, 2015, I made my first contact with Wyatt, AC0RA, on the AO-85 transponder. On that pass I also worked KO4MA, KC4LE, N8MH, N8HM, KA4H.

On the following pass at 1141 UTC, I worked AA5PK, and KM4IPF.

Last night, on the 01:51 UTC pass on October 10, 2015, I listened to AO-85 using an Elk 2M/440L5 antenna feeding into a Kenwood TM-D700 using LMR-240.

At the same time, I recorded this pass from my shack with an M2 2M7 antenna, azimuth and element rotor G5500, controlled by SatPC32 — a fully automated station. ¬†Notice how my home, fixed station experiences a lot of fading since I couldn’t move the antennas for optimum polarity.

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