Organizing my W5PFG/P Satellite Station for Portable Trips

One thing on my list for a while has been to acquire and setup the right size carrying cases to travel with and protect my investment in portable equipment.

Over Christmas I acquired a Pelican 1500 (yellow, as shown below.)  The Icom IC-821h fits perfectly inside along with the microphone.  I could probably make room for the power cord but at the moment, my cord is a bit long and doesn’t coil compactly.

The second case is a Plano Protector Series #1404.  It is not waterproof or nearly as rugged as the Pelican case but it holds all of my accessories and adapters needed for /P securely.

Aside from my coax jumpers and antennas, everything fits neatly into each box.
Box 1:
  1. Icom IC-821h Transceiver
  2. Icom Microphone

Box 2:

  1. Heil Dual Pro-Micro Headset
  2. Heil hand-trigger PTT
  3. Heil adapter for IC-821h
  4. Sony digital recorder
  5. Spare batteries for digital recorder
  6. Icom power cable
  7. Spare power cable and cigarette plug (for emergencies)
  8. Belkin 5-way audio splitter (to take audio out and feed to headset and digital recorder)
  9. Compass
UPDATE: One reader pointed out that my use of the Belkin 5-way audio splitter was hypocritical since I gave him a hard time for using one in his portable setup.  I must confess, he’s right.  I normally do not need to split audio more than 2 ways (to headset and recorder) but sometimes it’s convenient to be able to have an audience listen. 

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