EL18, EL19, and EM20 grid run – June 16-17 (UTC) on Satellites

I took a quick trip down to Houston last week for business.

I managed to stop by the Houston AMSAT Lunch at Pappa’s BBQ (on Westheimer near the Beltway) on Wednesday to see the gang.  That was fun.  I saw a lot of the folks who had just been up at Ham-com in Irving.

During the course of planning my short trip to Houston, I decided to active EL18 and EL19. These two grids are somewhat “in between” Houston and Corpus Christi, Texas.  Most of the land is agricultural use or small fishing villages along the gulf coast.  I worked one XW-2A and two SO-50 passes, giving coverage from the east to west coasts.

I brought along my usual setup, the IC-821+Short Arrow.
 The scenery was quite boring for the few hours I spent at the EL18/19 line.
Just some corn fields in view.
On the way home from Houston, I stopped and worked an SO-50 pass that had coast-to-coast coverage from EM20.  This grid encompasses the northern suburbs of Houston (Spring, The Woodlands, Conroe) yet does not have any active satellite operators living there or on the air.

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