Keepin’ it Simple: Aiming your antennas when satellite portable

A lot of folks really over-think the “aiming” aspect of operating satellites portable.  There’s really just two parts that matter to me:

1. Where the pass will start (AOS)
2. Where the pass will end (LOS)

Beyond that, I don’t really spend much time worrying about aim because the computer program that handles antenna positioning is an interface between my brain and my ears.

If the bird starts to get noisy, I move the antenna.  If I’m not as strong as I need to be, I move the antenna.  Simple as that.  Sometimes I get lazy and don’t move as much as I might need to move.  Sometimes I move too much.  Simple as that.  The bottom line is, you can aim just based on what signal you are getting back from the satellite. That is the best indicator.  Keep it Simple!!!

Silva “Starter” 1-2-3 Compass
I own about 3 of these.  I keep one in most of the different portable kits for my traveling operations.  They are a simple way to know your headings on a cloudy day or when you are having trouble getting your bearings.  Even an Eagle Scout like me needs a little help.

Working a pass from EM24 at Queen Wilhelmina State Park in Arkansas.

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