The Insanity of Grid Chasing – A September 2016 Progress Update

I have been busy working on the upcoming AMSAT Symposium so I haven’t focused much on blogging.

However, I have continued to make time to chase new maidenhead grid squares via satellite.  Five and a half years into the addiction, I am still having a lot of fun.

My #1 & # 2 goals on satellite are:

1. Work and confirm all 488 grid squares. These are the same 488 grids required for the Fred Fish Memorial Award (FFMA) on 6m.  However, I am trying to do this via satellite.  As of September 21, I am 35 grids away from the goal.

2. Work and confirm 1000 grids.  Why 1000? Well, I thought it would be interesting to see what I would hit first, the 488 goal or the 1000 goal.  It looks like I am going to be hitting the 1000 unless we get some serious rover action in the DN grid field.

Here’s my 488 map and statistics (pink are unconfirmed):

I have leads on a few of these unconfirmed grids. It’s just a matter of following up with those leads and working on a schedule to make them happen.

453 of 488 total FFMA grids confirmed as of September 21, 2016.

And now for my confirmed grid map, focused on the continental USA:

Here is my world map.  Click for a larger version:

878 total grid squares confirmed via satellite as of September 21, 2016.

And finally, I leave you with a movie I recommend for people who obsess over chasing grids or chasing real birds.  It shows the complete ridiculousness of what what do in pursuit of our hobby goals.

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